The centrepiece of Cai Guo-Qiang's exhibition at GOMA — Heritage 2013 — features 99 replicas of animals from around the world, gathered together to drink from a blue lake surrounded by pristine white sand, reminiscent of the lakes of Moreton Bay’s islands.  

Promising to be both spectacular and meditative, and presenting a beautiful, thought-provoking vision of our relationship with the earth and with each other, ‘Falling Back to Earth’ is the must-see exhibition of the summer.

Souce: GOMA
'Flower Horse' a beautiful sculpture by Korean artist Jeong Hwa Choi at the Towada Art Center. 
Linda escultura do artista coreano Jeong Hwa Choi entitulada ''Flower Horse' no Towada Art Center.

Source: Towada Art Center
'Outbreath' and 'After Outbreath' sculptures made of nylon and mixed media by Matt Chivers. 
Esculturas feitas em nylon e diversos materiais ' Outbreath' e 'After Outbreath' por Matt Chivers.

Source: Matt Chivers.
Beautiful and whimsical 'Pixel Cloud' sculputures by American artist Daniel Arsham
'Pixel Cloud' esculturas lindas e etéreas pelo artista americano Daniel Arsham

Source: Daniel Arsham
Amazing skull sculpted on books by Maskull Lasserre. 'Incarnate' (Three Degrees of Certainty II), 2012. Books, steel and hardware.
Incrível crânio esculpido em livros por Maskull Lasserre.  'Incarnate' (Three Degrees of Certainty II), 2012. Livros, ferro and ferragem.

Source: Maskull Lasserre
Amazing and deliciously flavoured lifelike sugar sculptures by Australian born, Berlin based artist Joseph Marr.
Incríveis e deliciosas esculturas realistas de açúcar com sabor pelo artista australiano Joseph Marr.