The iconic cover of New Order's 1983 Power, Corruption & Lies is my favourite album cover of all times. I remember my mother had this album in LP back in the 80s and we listen to it constantly. 
Cover design by british graphic designer Peter Saville and the painting is a reproduction of Henri Fantin-Latour's 'A Basket of Flowers', which is part of National Gallery's permanent collection in London.
Sandro Botticelli's 'Portrait of a Young Man' is my favourite Botticelli at the National Gallery, London. This crisp portrait of a young man stands out sharply against a black background. His brown tunic matches his eyes and he wears a red hat known as a 'beretta'.

Most portraits made in Florence and elsewhere in Italy were profile views. This one is unusual in its format, and the painting may have originally been larger.

Tempera on oil on wood, about 1480-5.

Source: National Gallery
Heart in a Heart iphone case by Keith Haring.

Source: Pop Shop